The Company "Arts Culture et Patrimoine" works to safeguard the cultural heritage. Its' very existence is based on an all-embracing approach to works of art. The sensitivity of its concepts and methods bear witness to its' devotion to Conservation and Restoration, and the company gives considerable thought to the very varied problems which arise when dealing with the heritage from the past.

In order to meet this mission as fully as possible, the technology used draws on an elaborate structure and deontology.

Works of art rely on those who take responsibility for them to provide the optimum treatment so that they can continue to live and transmit their message to future generations. This is why our company have gradually built up over the years a wide range of human resources to match the quality and importance of this heritage: sculptors, painters, gilders, and cabinet makers, all highly qualified in decorative or applied arts from such schools as Ecole Boulle, Arts Déco, Arts Appliqués, Van der Kelen, or else trained by ourselves, bring their art to bear in their particular fields.

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