Our Structure

The safeguarding of heritage can accommodate a bold modernity.Finally, contemporary art thrives previous lessons before serving himself cultural heritage to future generations.

The heritage of today was yesterday's contemporary art, contemporary art today will be tomorrow's heritage. Timeless message that we chose to deliver a futuristic way.

ARTS CULTURE & PATRIMOINE, founded by Christian Karoutzos, exerts over many years in the field of conservation and restoration of works of art and history.
We do not know, as always in the shadow of historical monuments, activity is often hushed, discreet and not always accessible to partners and the general public.

Development assistance, Christian Karoutzos chose to negotiate his team the turn of openness and modernity by offering a facade high-tech and developing new know-how. This structure is any logic in its decentralization and the geographic position of the Auvergne and Issoire future as the crossroads of European routes.

With the installation of this new body we believe to be the heart of a purely evolutionary strategy. She is dictated by an awareness at European level and the importance of inheritance to future generations..

The objective at the European level will send a symbiosis between the traditional know-how and application of new technologies. The workshops dedicated to the conservation and restoration will also be laboratories for studies and research making the application of new products and processes to guarantee the conservation of heritage preservation.

It is therefore essential and urgent to set up workshops with several multi-departmental intervention in the form of methodological platform providing answers to technical needs, historical, philosophical, and so on. These structures will of course in line with the requirements outlined by the expectations of sponsors. For example, many elected rural communes are helpless facing the restoration of heritage. For lack of guidance and teaching elementary, they engage in non-reflective choice. As professionals, the continuing evolution of technical imposes training, information and documentation on products, methods, processes, and so on.

The objective of ARTS CULTURE & PATRIMOINE displayed through the missions that we want to delegate to our workshops. It also clearly exposed through the hull of the building and architectural symbolism of which he is charged. The design inside and outside places is the image of our desire to live fully today, delivering a message inseparable from our new ambition. The futuristic side of the building and its prospects very open and airy, allow the public a permanent incursion on the life of our company.

It is perhaps very ambitious but we want everyone here to understand that entering the memory architecture and implementation that accompanies combine both to the past, present and future, and we're here for preserve this cultural thread running through the ages.

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ARTS CULTURE & PATRIMOINE - BP 86 - Parc Technologique Lavaur La Bechade - 63503 Issoire Cedex
Tel : (33) 04 73 89 59 31 - Fax : (33) 04 73 89 28 74 - Mail : karoutzos.christian@wanadoo.fr